About Strategy9

We create marketing intelligence for marketers.

Strategy9 is a leading provider of data-driven, web-based marketing, email, CRM and database solutions. Integrating database expertise, traditional direct marketing methodology, and state-of-the-art online systems, Strategy9 is a visionary company bringing internet relevance and usefulness to Fortune 500 companies and SMEs.

Our Vision

In today’s ever-changing business environment, competition for customers has never been more fierce. Companies both large and small must continuously work to both acquire new and retain current customers. Strategy9 creates the technological platforms to do both.

Strategy9 was founded in 1999 with an idea that current marketing software technology did not do enough to help non-programmers understand customer databases, nor did it help companies communicate easily with their customers.

Our Solutions

Strategy9 has successfully delivered new-breed solutions to leading retailers, financial services companies, utility companies, and entertainment companies throughout North America.

Building on an idea that software should be easy to use, quick to implement, and have a very low maintenance cost, Strategy9 solutions are created on the Microsoft development platform, and can be used in almost any network and operating system environment. Our technology makes complex data analysis, reporting, acquisition programs, and customer communication simple, efficient, and affordable.

Strategy9’s IQ-Series of online marketing tools provide some of the functionality, flexibility, and usability features found in million-dollar CRM applications for a fraction of the cost.

Our Company

Strategy9 is closely, privately held and self-funded. S9Direct, a full-service direct mail lettershop is a division of Strategy9. Click here to visit S9Direct.com.

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